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Connecting the Senses

Artes y Parte is an Internet page that allows you to get closer to the wonder of appreciating a Work of Art, be it Watercolor, Oil, Clay, sculptures or any of the different artists that will be part of our senses. If you want more information regarding various works, you just have to contact yourself and our team will give you the best attention so that you can get closer to the beauty of admiring a Work of Art.

Pinceles De Pintura

Our ability to create

"Connecting the Senses"



Fair prices, guaranteed.

Send us your request for a quote, if any of the works caught your attention, you liked it, you loved it; All we ask is that you indicate the name of the painting and, apart from filling in the fields below, in order to make it easy for us to contact you.

Thanks for choosing us.

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3 Pétalos Escarlata
Pintura Abstracta
La última cena
Pintura Abstracta
Luz Atardecer entre loas árboles.
El Naufragio
Velero en Alta Mar
Camino La Arena
Caleta Angelmó